Why Are Fire Pits So Expensive? Are They Made Out of Gold (Sarcasm)!

beautiful modern house with an in-ground square fire pit area with seating and wood burning

Outdoor fire pits have been in use, especially on camping grounds, for a very long time. Recently, these fire pits have been gaining popularity as beautiful and functional pieces of backyard decor. They can, however, be extremely costly. But why is that?

Different fire pits may be expensive due to various reasons. These include the cost of materials, maintaining safety standards, aesthetics, the type of fuel used, labor expenditure, and the cost of additional features.

This article will explain each of these factors in more depth and help you decide whether getting an outdoor fire pit is worth it. Hopefully, this article will also give you an insight into what kind of fire pit you should choose for your home.

Why Do Fire Pits Cost So Much?

There are a wide variety of fire pits available today. Designs, materials, and features available vary significantly. In this section, we will break down some of these features to better understand how they affect the price of a fire pit.

Brand new modern home featuring the backyard with a square fire pit, concrete floor, and stone pavers


Over its lifetime, a fire pit will face prolonged and direct exposure to heat. Most cheap materials tend to lose shape and integrity or completely get obliterated under these strains. In the worst cases, cheap materials may cause health hazards by causing burns or releasing toxic fumes. This is another reason why you should never burn paper in your fire pit!

This is why fire pits are usually made of high-quality raw materials. They must be hardy and durable to stay good for a long time. The materials used in a fire pit must also not react adversely to heat and produce toxic compounds.

Suitable materials for fire pit bowls include stainless steel, cast iron, and ceramic. These materials are not cheap. 

Moreover, if anything, you should be wary of cheaper fire pits; they can prove to be more expensive in the long run as they may need to be replaced after shorter durations of time. 

Maintaining Safety Standards 

One of the most important things for anyone to keep in mind while dealing with a fire pit is the safety aspect. Apart from materials used, factors as varied as exterior insulation and flame size can pose significant dangers to safely operating fire pits when not done right.

For these reasons, fire pit manufacturers usually use advanced proprietary technologies developed expressly for their devices. The research and development that goes into these technologies is essential to keeping consumers who use their products safe. Of course, higher safety standards also impose increased costs on fire pit manufacturers.


Maintaining a specific theme or aesthetic has become a vital component of product design in today’s consumer market. People go to great lengths to ensure that the look of their house and everything in and around it is consistent, pleasant, and in line with their existing decor.

Fire pits, too, are a part of a home’s landscape. The right fire pit can significantly add to the beauty of a backyard, whereas the wrong one can drastically impair its look. Many people may pay extra to get the perfect-looking pit or get one customized.

Labor Expenses 

The most expensive fire pits may involve extensive detailing or handwork to get the look or design right.  

Opting for a fire pit that has been adorned manually costs more than one that has been made completely using machines. Similarly, some fire pits are designed for the most demanding consumers who may be very particular about getting a product that will produce the right sized flame and heat. In both cases, labor charges will be higher. 

Installation of a fire pit can also be a labor-intensive process. Some fire pits call for a hole to be dug in the ground, while others must be assembled on the spot. These are also expenditures that add to the total cost of a fire pit.

Type of Fuel Used

When looking at the cost of a fire pit, we must also consider the long-term costs involved in using it. The fuel used in a fire pit dramatically affects the overall investment since that aspect of it adds up over time.

Many fuels can be used in a fire pit, including wood, propane, butane, chafing fuels, etc. The price and efficiency of the fuel used in a particular fire pit will add to its running cost across its lifetime.

Additional Features

Who wouldn’t like their fire pit to come with additional accessories and features? Things like a grilling grate or a waterproof cover so it doesn’t fill up with rainwater or conversion kits that you can use to run your fire pit using an existing gas line are all great additions to your fire pit.

These accessories can be remarkably functional and valuable. Some of them might even be necessary under certain conditions. Paying a little extra money for such add-ons may be well worth it.

Miscellaneous Costs 

Besides all the factors mentioned above, some other factors add to the total expense of a fire pit. These include the brand name, the location where you buy it, etc.

An off-brand fire pit bought online is sure to cost you less, but its quality cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, a branded fire pit that you’ve examined in person at a reputed store is likely to be more expensive. For the same reason, it will also likely be of more reliable quality.

Similarly, a fire pit that costs less but isn’t covered under warranty can cost you more than one that is branded and comes with a warranty. 

Are Fire Pits Worth Buying? 

Now that you know the different reasons why fire pits cost so much, how do you know if spending thousands of dollars on getting one is worth it?

Fire pits are worth buying if you enjoy spending time outdoors with your family and can afford them. While a fire pit is a significant investment, it can create great spots to hang out around your home and add value to your property.

Some of the reasons you should invest in installing an outdoor fire pit in your backyard are discussed in greater detail below.


Fire pits create great spots for social gatherings. You can have outdoor parties or barbeque nights around them.

During summertime, they can be used to stave off mosquitoes by adding oils like citronella, lemongrass, and mint to the fire. Of course, the same pit will keep you and your family warm outside during the colder months.

Besides, a fire pit can also be used as a place for you and your loved ones to gather around to spend quality time together. The fire pit can be used to cozy up, roast some marshmallows, and make s’mores.

Cooking Outdoors

As already mentioned, many fire pits come with an additional grilling grate, such as the Breeo which I consider to be a luxury wood-burning fire pit. These add-ons make it easy to use the fire coming out of a fire pit to cook outdoors for a huge party, a get-together, or a small family gathering.

Being able to cook outdoors is particularly useful when cooking things that have a pungent smell or foods that produce a lot of smoke. 

the luxury Breeo fire pit sitting on lake dock burning wood

Adding Value To Your Home

Installing an outdoor fire pit doesn’t only add to the beauty and functionality of your backyard. A fire pit is also an excellent way of making your property more valuable to prospective buyers.

If you ever plan to sell your house in the future, adding an outdoor fire pit can bump up the cost of your home by quite a bit. This is because it saves the buyer the hassle of installing one on their own, and people tend to prioritize convenience over cost.


As discussed in this article, there are many reasons why fire pits are so expensive. These include the quality of the materials, the kind of fuel used, the looks of the fire pit itself, and the accessories that come with it.

Overall, the pros of having an outdoor fire pit outweigh the cost of installing one. As such, fire pits are a fantastic addition to your backyard.

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