Where To Buy Breeo Fire Pit? (New, Used, Refurbished, Sale)

the smokeless Breeo X Series 24 fire pit on a base burning wood and sitting on a lake's wooden dock

Breeo is a smokeless fire pit brand that allows you to enjoy all the usual benefits of a fire pit without the irritating smoke you would get from a standard wood-burning pit. Considering the level of quality, buying directly from the website can be quite expensive, depending on the model, but it doesn’t have to be that expensive.

You can buy Breeo Fire Pits on the company website and on Amazon if you want to buy the model in new condition. There are also plenty of refurbished and second-hand options available on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, so you have plenty of options depending on your budget.

There are so many places to look for a fire pit online that it can get overwhelming. Here are the best sites I recommend for buying the Breeo Fire Pit today.

Best Places To Buy Breeo Fire Pits on the Cheap

Most consumers are usually looking to get the best deal they can. While most fire pits won’t exactly be “cheap,” they can be quite affordable if you know where to look. 

Of course, Breeo is a  good brand, and its prices reflect that regardless of where you go. Still, it’s possible to get a good deal with these websites:


If you are looking for excellent quality Breeo Fire Pits at an affordable price, Amazon will usually be the best option. You’re also likely to get better quality items, and you can return most purchases if you’re unsatisfied.

Amazon stocks five models of the Breeo Fire Pit. The cheapest is the 22-inch (55.9cm) Breeo X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit on Amazon.com. 

If you are looking for a larger model, Amazon also stocks those. The 27.5-inch (69.9cm) Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Fit on Amazon.com is a great —and more expensive— option. 

Breeo X Series 19 (22-inch)

Breeo X Series 24 (27-inch)

The more expensive models on Amazon also offer a line of credit if that is easier for you. You can pay in monthly installments if approved for an Amazon Rewards Visa Card. 

Amazon is an excellent choice if you have a moderate budget and a specific fire pit model in mind. However, it doesn’t sell all of the options the company offers.

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eBay is a brilliant site for finding second-hand fire pits; you can buy items from others outright or at auction. This can lead to you getting a real bargain.

If you want a chance at getting an excellent deal on a Breeo fire pit, you can bid on one at auction. There are always fire pits available on eBay at a great price, so you have a good chance of bagging yourself an excellent bargain if you check the listings frequently. 

eBay also offers a line of credit using PayPal, and you can pay in installments if you don’t want to pay full price immediately. eBay is for you if you are looking for a simple fire pit at a reasonable price and aren’t too worried about getting the best possible quality.

Facebook Marketplace

If you want a good deal on a Breeo Fire Pit, you should head to Facebook Marketplace and see what people are selling in your area. The great thing about Facebook Marketplace is you can communicate directly with the seller to negotiate a deal that works for you. 

Many people on Facebook Marketplace are trying to offload unneeded items, so if you’re looking for “giveaway price” deals, this might be a good place to look. 

While there’s no standardized credit line here, there is much more wiggle room in price since many sellers are willing to negotiate a fair price. Think of it like an online garage sale.

Of course, not every seller here is looking to negotiate, and many might not budge at all.

Another fantastic thing about Facebook Marketplace is that you sometimes don’t have to deal with shipping. Sometimes, you might find a willing local looking to sell you a fire pit. If it’s close enough, you can opt to pick it up yourself rather than going through the hassle of shipping.

Facebook Marketplace is a good place for you if you want a hassle-free and flexible sale and are looking to purchase a second-hand fire pit.

Lastly, we also invite you to read our full Breeo product review, where you can learn and find additional details prior to making a purchasing decision.

Buying the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit From the Official Website

Even after viewing all these fantastic options, you may want to look closer to the source to get your fire pit. After all, the best way to ensure you get the product you want is by going directly to the producer.

The benefits of using the Breeo website to buy your fire pit are the plethora of choices and ease of use. 

While second-hand options are great value, other websites won’t always have the model you are looking for, and you can’t always guarantee quality. Even the Amazon store doesn’t stock the full range of Breeo Fire Pits. 

If you have a specific model in mind and the funds to buy a new fire pit, there are several models available on the Breeo website that you don’t see in many other places. Amazon and second-hand marketplaces often sell the smaller, more portable options but fail to stock the larger, more expensive models. 

If you are in the market for a larger fire pit, you can get the Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit in a range of colors and styles on the official website. This level of customization and choice isn’t available on any of the sites listed previously, but you pay a premium price for going directly to the source.

Final Thoughts

The best place to buy a Breeo fire pit depends mainly on your budget and intended use. If you’re simply looking for a cozy addition to your patio for cooking food and keeping warm, then second-hand sites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay may be worthwhile.

However, if you are looking for something that you know to be reliable and a specific model of the Breeo Fire Pit, I recommend checking Amazon to ensure that you get the best possible deal. If that fails, look on the company website to choose the best option for you and your needs.

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