What Is the Purpose of an Outdoor Fire Pit? You May NOT Have Considered This!

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Chances are, you’ve seen outdoor fire pits in your neighbor’s yard or your friend’s homes. A fire pit is nice to sit around, but you’re unsure about the purpose of having one in your yard. Well, these helpful little fire holders are well worth the effort of getting one since they can do so many things. 

The purpose of a fire pit is to provide more opportunities to enjoy outdoor life. Fire pits allow you to enjoy a contained, bright, warm fire while cooking, relaxing outside, or entertaining during any season.

A fire pit can bring out the best in your yard and make it a favorite place for everyone in your life to visit. In this article, you’ll read about the many purposes a fire pit can serve for different people throughout the seasons.

The Many Purposes of An Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are what you make of them, as there are many ways to put them to work. So, let’s look at several ways you can use an outdoor firepit and make getting one worth your while: 

There’s Value in a Backyard Fire Pit

Most people put a fire pit in their backyard to create a gathering place for friends and family. Every time you entertain or want to spend quality time with your family, a fire pit will likely be where everyone gathers.  

six friends around a fire pit in their patio enjoying the view on a late evening

A fire pit also increases the value of your home. Fire pits are trendy and can make your property more attractive to potential buyers. While a unique and expensive model might seem necessary for this purpose, it isn’t always true. 

Get the fire pit that works best for you and your needs. The fire pit typically sells itself.

Enjoy Year-Round Use

Unless you live in an area where you battle extreme temperatures, a pit in your yard is a great way to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Each season brings something special for spending time around the fire.

  • Summer is the season most people think about when they plan time around their pit. Family barbeques, picnics, and gatherings are better around a roaring fire. You can watch fireworks around the pit and make campfire treats well into the night. Your fire will also help you dry off after swimming in the beach, and the smoke will ward off insects. 
  • Fall is as popular as summer is for people to enjoy their pit. The smell of a crackling fire, while wrapped up tight under a blanket, can’t be matched by any other season. If you’re a sports fan, you can also host tailgate parties. For fans of Halloween, spend some time by the fire and tell ghost stories.  
  • Winter may seem like an impossible season for fire pits at first thought. However, fire produces a lot of heat and can make sitting outside surrounded by a blanket of snow a peaceful experience. Wrap yourself in a comfy sweater and sit by the fire with a warm beverage in your hands.  
  • Spring can be damp and chilly, so a fire pit makes perfect sense. Depending on your local fire-burning ordinances, your pit could be the best way to get rid of sticks and leaves leftover from winter storms. Local wildlife will be waking up from the long winter. You can enjoy the world around you coming to life while spending time at your fire pit.

Expand Your Living Space

It doesn’t matter if you put your fire pit on your patio or grass. Once it’s in place and you start to use it, you’ll find that it gives you additional living space.

If you think about it, the busiest places in a home are where people gather together. Your fire pit provides another unique place for everyone to enjoy.  

Repel Insects

A fire pit can ward off bugs. The heat of a fire deters insects in general, but if you’re looking to protect a broader area, you’ve got options. An easy solution is to burn herb bundles to repel mosquitoes. 

There are many suggestions for what herbs to burn for this purpose, like using a bundle of lavender, mint, and sage to burn over your pit. The smoke will spread out farther than the heat of the fire, giving you a wider area of protection from unwanted flying pests.

Have a Fire Pit Cookout

You can cook meals on an open fire while camping, and you can do the same with your fire pit at home. Some people wrap their food in foil and cook it at the bottom of the fire. You can also put a grill grate on top of the fire to cook more traditionally.  

Be sure to cook over wood fires with seasoned, dry, untreated wood. Treated wood and many fuels used for pits can release toxic chemicals.

You can prepare almost anything if you love to cook in your fire pit. If you need some recipes to start, there are plenty of tasty dishes to take inspiration from online.

Your Fire Pit Gives Off Bright Light

The right kind of light is inviting and warm. Your fire pit creates a bright, glowing light that welcomes and comforts. Light your fire when you’re entertaining or don’t want your evening to end.  

You can also illuminate dark areas in your yard to prevent people from tripping or injuring themselves. So, the fire pit’s light can prevent unnecessary accidents.

Fire Pits Bring Out Romance

Fire pits are unique because they adapt to the mood around them. If you’re looking for a way to spark romance with that special someone, a one-on-one evening spent around the fire is a great way to set the mood outdoors. Bring some wine, snacks, and blankets, and kick back to look at the stars. 

Your Fire Pit Is a Safer Option To Other Fires

Using a fire pit responsibly can be much safer than having an open fire. So, if you plan to burn your fall leaves, fallen branches from trees, or general lawn debris, look no further than your enclosed, trusty fire pit. 

Still, learning everything you can about using your fire pit safely is critical. Education and prevention are the safest way to approach fire pit use. 

Make Ashes For Fertilizing Plants and Adding Traction To Icy Surfaces

Did you know that your ash can be beneficial? 

You can use ashes as a plant fertilizer. All you have to do is sprinkle your fire pit’s ashes in your garden. Doing so can provide nutrition and balance soil pH levels if needed. You can also use ash as a deterrent for snails and slugs.

You can also use ash on your driveway or walkways in winter. Ash can help to improve traction when walking. It also attracts sunlight because of its dark color. The more the sun is drawn to the dark ash, the faster ice should melt. Here’s an article we write on how to dispose of your fire pit ashes!

Is It Worth Getting A Fire Pit?

It is worth getting a fire pit. Fire pits are available to purchase at just about every price point. If you can’t find a pit in your price range, you can also build your own pit and reap all the benefits for free. 

Before DIYing your pit, check out reliable dos and don’ts to avoid mistakes. Then, follow a thorough tutorial video to watch the steps needed for your building process. 

If you prefer reading your instructions, there are plenty of written tutorials online. Or you can search through various DIY pits available online, in books, or inside magazines that better suit your needs.  

Types of Fire Pits

It’s common for people to think that their fire pit has to be wood-burning, but there are many other types to choose from. These are especially good for people living in areas with restrictions on burning wood out in the open.

Other standard fire pit options include natural and propane gas. Unfortunately, these types of pits should not be used for cooking.  

You can also buy portable fire pits. These are great for people who would rather use a fire pit than build a fire while camping. You can also take these portable pits to provide the focal point of a gathering at someone else’s home or other locations.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered, “Is it worth getting a fire pit?” the answer is definitely yes. Fire pits allow people to enjoy their outdoor space in ways that have revolutionized backyard gatherings. 

With your own fire pit, you can have the best staycation and experience quality time with your family like never before.

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