Breeo Fire Pit: How Does It Work? How Much? …Worth It?

A Breeo fire pit on a base plate burning next to a lake

Do you love spending time outdoors by the fire but hate getting up so often to refill your firewood? If you answered yes, then the Breeo Fire Pit is perfect for you! This amazing piece of outdoor furniture not only keeps your fire going all night long but also doubles for flat grill searing and grilling. 

The Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits have a secondary combustion system that is double-walled. Hot air rises through the space between the walls when a fire is burning, heating the walls. The line of holes in the rim is then used to let the air out of the wall cavity, leaving it virtually smokeless. 

The Breeo Fire Pit lets you spend more time around the fire and is also very easy to set up. All you need to do is unfold it and place it in the desired location. Plus, its durable frame can withstand even the roughest weather conditions.

Fire Masters Unite!

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about the Breeo Fire Pit to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy it. We also wrote a Breeo review which we encourage you to read next, after this post, to find some additional information we did not include here.

two images side by side of a breeo fire pit burning wood outdoors

The Breeo Fire Pit Company

Breeo has been building smokeless fire pits since 2011. They make all their products in their shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and stand behind their USA-made craftsmanship.

Their products perform incredibly well and have some of the highest reviews in the industry. They are constantly trying to improve their products and design their fire pit systems from the ground up.

When it comes to customer support, their support is second to none. There is also a Facebook group for fans of the Breeo fire pits, and you can join it here. 

What Exactly Is The Breeo Fire Pit?

The Breeo Fire Pit is a unique and safe way to enjoy a fire in your backyard. This fire pit is elevated off of the ground, which helps to prevent any sparks or embers from falling onto the grass.

The Breeo Fire Pit also has a built-in fan that helps to circulate the air and keep the fire burning evenly. Thanks to the brilliant design, this fire pit is virtually smokeless. 

You can also find cooking accessories and even lawn furniture made by Breeo to complete an ensemble of backyard beauty.

Wait… what about using your Breeo fire pit in your front yard? Click on the link to learn more.

Let me explain. 

illustration of a Breeo x-series fire pit with firewood next to it

How Does Breeo Fire Pit Work?

Breeo fire pits work by using a double-walled design. This means there is an inner and outer wall with a space in between. The space between the two walls allows air to flow through and around the fire, resulting in a more complete burn.

The double-walled design also makes Breeo fire pits more efficient than traditional fire pits. In a traditional fire pit, most of the heat generated by the fire goes up and out through the opening at the top of the pit. 

With a Breeo fire pit, most of the heat stays inside the pit, making it more efficient at heating and cooking.

Another benefit of Breeo fire pits is that they produce very little smoke. This is because the double-walled design allows for better airflow, which results in a cleaner burn.

What Are The Benefits Of A Breeo Fire Pit?

There are many benefits to owning a Breeo fire pit! For one, their effectiveness is unquestionable. The wood in Breeo fire pits burns cleaner and more evenly because of the innovative airflow system. Consequently, there will be less smoke and pollution in the air. In addition, your firewood will be more effective at providing heat.

a guy carrying a breeo fire pit y-series close a mountain stream

Another benefit of owning a Breeo fire pit is that they are very low-maintenance. Because of how they are designed, there is little to no ash or residue left after each use. This means you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning your fire pit or dealing with messy cleanup.

Finally, Breeo fire pits are just plain beautiful. They are sleek and modern, and they come in a variety of different styles and colors to suit any taste. Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated or something bold and eye-catching, you’re sure to find a Breeo fire pit that’s perfect for you.

How Is The Breeo Different From Other Fire Pits?

The Breeo is different from other fire pits in a few ways; for instance much different than a chiminea. Firstly, it is made with stainless steel, making it more durable and long-lasting than most other fire pits made with cheaper materials

More smoke and embers are contained within the pit thanks to its double-walled construction, making it safer to use. 

As a final bonus, the Breeo comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Put THAT in your pit and smoke it! LOL

Is A Breeo Fire Pit Safe To Use?

Breeo fire pits are safe to use if you follow some simple safety guidelines. First, ensure that your Breeo fire pit is placed on a level surface at least 10 feet away from buildings or other structures. Also, keep a shovel and water source nearby if you need to extinguish the fire.

When lighting your Breeo fire pit, use only dry, seasoned wood. Never use chemicals or accelerants to start the fire. Once the fire is lit, never leave it unattended. Monitor the fire and keep children and pets away from the area.

Extinguish the fire completely before going to bed or leaving the area. To do this, douse the flames with water and stir the ashes until they are cool to the touch. Once the fire is out, dispose of the ashes in a metal container.

How Are Breeo Fire Pits Actually Made?

How Long Does A Breeo Fire Pit Last?

Breeo fire pits are known for their durability and long-lasting nature. Many Breeo fire pits last for years with proper care and maintenance. Of course, the lifespan of your fire pit will also depend on how often you use it and what weather conditions it is exposed to.

If you take good care of your Breeo fire pit, it can last for many years. That’s because Breeo fire pits are made with high-quality materials designed to withstand the elements. For example, the steel used in Breeo fire pits is stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode over time.

In addition, all of the seams in a Breeo fire pit are welded shut so that there are no gaps or openings that could let water inside. This means that rain or snowfall won’t affect your fire pit and you can most certainly enjoy this fire pit in the summer. Plus, the paint used on Breeo fire pits is powder-coated, so it won’t fade or chip over time.

So, if you want a fire pit that will last for years, be sure to purchase a Breeo!

Where Are Breeo Fire Pits Made?

Breeo fire pits are made in the United States. The company is based in Pennsylvania, and all its products are manufactured in the USA. Breeo takes pride in its American-made products, and they are one of the few companies that still manufacture everything in-house. They have complete control over quality and every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Breeo fire pits are built with long-lasting, high-quality materials from the ground up. The company uses thick steel to construct its fire pits and uses a powder coating process that protects the steel from rusting or corroding. All of the accessory hardware on Breeo fire pits is also made from stainless steel to withstand the elements.

Breeo fire pits are designed for both function and beauty. The company offers a variety of different styles so that you can find the perfect fire pit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a classic wood-burning fire pit or a modern gas fire pit, Breeo has you covered.

How Do You Clean A Breeo Fire Pit?

If you want your Breeo fire pit to keep performing well, you should clean it regularly. Here are a few tips on how to clean your Breeo fire pit:

  1. Start by removing any ashes that have accumulated in the fire pit. You can do this with a shovel or a brush.
  2. Next, use a hose to rinse out the fire pit. Be sure to direct the hose towards the drain holes so all the water can easily drain.
  3. Once the fire pit is rinsed out, you can scrub it with a brush, a sponge, and soapy water. Be sure to scrub all fire pit areas, including the inside and outside surfaces.
  4. After you’ve scrubbed the fire pit, rinse it out again with the hose.
  5. Once the fire pit is completely dry, you can add fresh sand to the bottom. This will help absorb any moisture and prevent rusting.

Here’s A Video On How To Clean The X Series Searplate!

…And A Video On Cleaning Out Ashes From A Breeo Fire Pit!

How Do You Put Wood In A Breeo Fire Pit?

To put wood in a breeo fire pit, you can acquire some small, split logs specifically meant for burning. Large pieces of wood should be avoided because they will not burn as well and may cause damage to your fire pit. 

Once you have your logs, simply place them inside the fire pit in the designated area for wood. Ensure you do not overload the fire pit, as this could lead to problems when trying to light the fire.

Does The Breeo Fire Pit Rust?

Yes! Stainless steel can rust.

Breeo fire pits are made of high-quality stainless steel designed to resist rusting. However, the fire pit can develop surface rust over time and with extended exposure to the elements. If this occurs, removing the rust as soon as possible is important to prevent it from spreading.

You can remove rust from your Breeo fire pit in several ways. One way is to use a wire brush to scrub away the rust. Another way is to use a chemical Rust Remover. Be sure to follow the directions on the Rust Remover carefully, as some of them can be quite caustic. Once you have removed the rust, apply a coat of Rust Inhibitor to help prevent future rusting.

The Breeo X Series

Breeo’s X Series features three different-sized X Series pits, each sufficiently spacious to accommodate a sizeable group in a comfortable sitting arrangement. Both corten steel, which over time develops a weathered patina, and stainless steel, which can be polished to a mirror-like finish, are two of the available finishes. 

The Brio X series is touted by the company as a revolutionary new design that takes the best parts of their fire pits and makes them even better.

The combustion was improved by a new Patent Pending X airflow technology that allows for better primary air through all stages of the fire. The raised air channel keeps ash buildup from blocking off the air while your fire is burning. This design also allows for a much easier clean-out.

The X series fire pit also features a patina outside wall designed to weather to a beautiful finish and contrast with the stainless steel legs.

The X series is more than just a pit for roasting marshmallows over an open flame; it’s a full-fledged grill in its own right. The patent-pending stainless steel plate that circles the fire pit lets you get an amazing sear on your steaks, burgers, and chops.

If you want to take woodfired cooking to the next level, the DX series is compatible with an outpost grill system. The grill rack posts lock in the place and provide an amazingly adjustable, versatile grilling experience perfectly poised above the flames.

Should You Use the Lid to Put Out the Fire?

If you put the lid on while it’s hot, it creates creosote and a huge mess! Creosote is a dangerous byproduct that comes from burning wood and should be avoided. 

The creosote isn’t the only issue when using the lid to snuff the fire. There will also be warping of the lid. Breeo switched from a metal handle to a plastic handle for design purposes. 

Suppose that the plastic handle is warped or melted. In that case, they have proof that an operator error, not a manufacturing defect, caused it to warp. Therefore, it is not their responsibility to cover a replacement under warranty.

Can I Use my Breeo Under My Back Patio?

This is not advised and is highly dangerous. Some users on the Facebook fan group had popping embers from their Breeo hitting the roof of their house. Most owners who started out under a patio relocated their fire pit for safety.

Another owner reported they can get over 5 feet of flames on their X24. If you want one underneath a patio, consider a natural gas or propane unit that is made for somewhat enclosed areas.

You can also check your local fire code. Most require fire pits to be at least ten feet from the house.

Should I Buy a Corten or Stainless Steel Breeo Fire Pit?

Corten bleeds rusty water, some owners proclaim. So unless it’s on grass, it will stain whatever it is on. 

If you don’t want another maintenance headache, buy corten to keep your fire pit looking nice. The corten will patina and look rustic, which is what many owners like in their backyards.

Remember, none of the smokeless firepits gives off tremendous heat to the sides because of the double wall design. The point is to bring air into that annular space, heat it, and pour it out the top holes for a secondary burn of the unburned combustion products. This means there are alternatives to heat-resistant paints that can be used to color either type. 

Best Options for the Floor Under a Breeo Fire Pit?

There are many landscaping options for laying the flooring for your fire pit. Some common methods are pea gravel, stepping stones or pavers, and stamped concrete. Learn more about whether you can put a fire pit on top of pavers.

Caution: not all fire pits should be used on a wood surface, such as a wooden deck. Fire pits become very hot and could lead to scorch damage on the deck or even fire.

I’ve had pea gravel, and the downside is that it is not comfortable to walk on when barefoot. Sometimes you might end up outside, enjoying a warm fire, and not having shoes on your feet. Walking on pea gravel is uncomfortable due to its sharp edges. 

Two better options would be stamped concrete or pavers. Both can offer a pleasing appearance to your fire pit setting. Both are very safe for the barefoot traveler but come at a higher cost than plain pea gravel.

What Could Be Improved on the Breeo?

Some Breeo units are not what you would call compact. For example, the X24. Despite the effort required, it can be carried by one person. The pit alone weighs 62 pounds, which is a significant amount. There is no grill or searing plate included with this.

There’s also the weight of the searing plate. It would be difficult to transport alone because it weighs 22.5 pounds. The Outpost grill weighs close to 13 pounds due to its size and construction. The load is manageable in a car, but hiking or horseback riding will be difficult.

We’re within striking distance of 100 pounds now, with just three pounds left in the pit. I think this backyard fire pit is perfect for a quiet night in the backyard.

A Few Last Words On The Breeo Outdoor Fire Pit!

The Breeo fire pit is a great addition to any backyard. It is easy to use and is a great way to cook food or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. The Breeo fire pit is also safe and made from high-quality materials. It is also very easy to clean and lasts many years.

This fire pit and its accompanying accessories are wonderful in many ways. No significant learning curve is involved to figure out how it operates or even how to set it up. It is easy to understand and not complicated in any way. In minutes, you can start using it like it was second nature.

Watch out, Gordan Ramsay!

Because of how simple it is to use, the Breeo and the cooking components that come with it are an excellent choice for people who do not always cook over an open fire. The smokeless secondary combustion system ensures that people will rarely be required to relocate from prime positions near the heat.

Even though it can seem expensive, having a Breeo makes it so that cooking at home can be both enjoyable and simple. The money one might save on expensive nights out could easily be redirected toward more lavish evenings spent at home, enjoying delicious food and the company of loved ones.

And it seems like this structure will hold up over the course of many years. Breeo offers options that can be easily incorporated into a fixed fire pit in the backyard or elsewhere outside the home. And if you go with the X Series, you’ll have a fire pit in your backyard that can serve as a sort of home base no matter where you end up.

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