How To Put Out a Breeo Fire Pit (Do It Safely & Responsibly!)

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Breeo fire pits are among the top-selling brands of smokeless fire pits in the US. Smokeless fire pits burn hot and fast, producing very little smoke. However, after an exciting night around a Breeo fire, you’ll have to put the fire out safely to avoid injury or hazards.

To put out a Breeo fire pit, don’t add any more wood and allow the remaining logs to burn to ashes. Plan ahead to know when to add the last log of wood, as the fire will take some time to burn out.

You don’t need water or sand to extinguish a smokeless fire pit. The fire will die naturally when you stop adding fuel (wood). As you’ll see, smokeless fire pits like Breeo fire pits work differently from traditional fire pits.

Why You Don’t Need to Extinguish a Breeo Fire Pit

Because they produce little smoke, smokeless fire pits like Breeo are better for both your health and the environment. Thanks to this, they’re extremely efficient, which means you can count on them consuming all of the fuel you put into them.

This pretty much eliminates the need for extinguishing the fire—you can simply wait until all of the wood is consumed.

You can enjoy a warm and exciting fire night without worrying about smoke and its health hazards. But how do Breeo fire pits work to produce a nearly smokeless fire pit?

Breeo Pits Are Better at Supplying Oxygen

Fires need an adequate supply of oxygen, heat, and fuel to start and sustain burning. The presence of smoke means an inadequate supply of at least one of these elements.

Smokeless fire pits like Breeo pits allow for more oxygen inflow, and with sufficient fuel (wood), they produce a hotter and near smokeless fire.

Breeo Pits Provide the Optimum Fire Conditions

Breeo makers have described the design features that enable their Breeo fire pits to produce fast-burning and smokeless fires. These include:

  • Raised air vent for improved airflow
  • Double wall technology
  • Secondary combustion

Let’s discuss them in greater detail.

  • Airflow: The more oxygen, the hotter the fire, and the less the smoke. The air vents at the bottom of the Breeo fire pits allow more oxygen to enter the fire, sustaining the flames and ensuring minimal smoke.
  • Double wall technology: This feature ensures continuous hot air circulation in and around the fire. Breeo fire pits have double walls that allow air passage. As the fire heats the walls, the resulting hot air rises in the walls and enters the pit, ensuring a steady heat supply.
  • Secondary combustion: The constant heat from the double walls ignites fading fire or smoke to keep the fire pit always burning.

Safety Tips on Handling Breeo Fire Pits

Safety remains a basic concern when handling fires, even with a Breeo firepit. Although fire pits enhance the appeal and adventure of social events, things can turn sour if an accident happens.

The following tips will ensure safety during and after your fire night event.

Allow Fire To Cool Completely Before Cleaning

After your event, you should remove the ashes from your Breeo fire pit and clean them before storage. However, the fact that the fire has burned out doesn’t mean it’s still safe to handle.

For your safety, don’t be in a hurry to clean the fire pit. If you still feel some warmth or heat, allow the fire pit to cool completely before removing the ashes to avoid burns.

Use Safe Surfaces for Your Fire Pit

Don’t place your fire pit on combustible materials or surfaces. Paper, wood, rubber, and fabric are flammable. With the right amount of heat, it will only be a matter of time before they go up in flames.

If you place your Breeo fire pit on combustible surfaces, you’re setting the stage for a fire hazard. Concrete and rock surfaces are the safest for Breeo fire pits.

Wear Protective Gear

Occasionally, you’ll add wood or other fuel during your activity to keep your fire burning. Ensure you wear protective gear for whatever you have to do with or around your fire pit.

Gloves are the most common choice. But it’s a good idea to have many options, such as hot pads and potholders.

Always Keep an Eye

If you have children or pets, you should be even more careful. Don’t leave your flaming fire pits unattended. Children and pets can stray toward the fire pit, and the consequences can be devastating.

If you have to step away for some reason, make sure another adult is present. If there’s no one around, carry your child or pets with you. Also, don’t stay away for too long if you have a fully burning fire pit.

How To Best Use Your Breeo Fire Pit

Breeo fire pits may be efficient, but you won’t get the best value for your money if you don’t know how to use them.

Don’t Use Damp Wood

Damp wood contains moisture and won’t burn well. Besides, they’ll produce a lot of smoke. The smokeless design of your Breeo fire will not improve the quality of your fire if you use damp wood. For best results, use very dried wood.

Organize Your Fuel

Arrange your wood neatly before you set the flame. Don’t throw them into the fire and expect them to catch. 

Organizing your wood will allow for increased airflow, which is necessary for a good fire. Throwing stuff indiscriminately into the fire will impede airflow. It’s often recommended to use a teepee shape for arranging wood in a firepit.

Add Wood in Small Batches

Don’t throw all the wood into the fire pit as your fire burns. Instead, add one or two pieces of wood between intervals. This will ensure sufficient airflow and maintain your fire.

Pay attention to your fire to know when to add wood. Don’t allow it to burn to coals before adding more.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need much to put out a Breeo fire pit. When you’re ready to put out the fire, stop adding fuel and allow the fire pit to burn completely to ashes.

Whatever you do, be safety conscious. Don’t clean the ashes or handle the fire pit until it burns out and has completely cooled. Also, remember to use gloves while handling Breeo fire pits.

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