Heat Shield For Fire Pit On Concrete (Avoid Explosions!)

close up of the Breeo fire pit heat shield base plate

Warning! Your concrete will eventually crack, spall, and probably explode unless you use some sort of heat shield. I’m assuming that’s why you’re here and so that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about today.

If you’re in a rush, here are the top 3 heat shields for fire pits on concrete we recommend. Keep in mind your fire pit dimensions when making a decision here.

Northland Heat Shield

VEVOR Heat Shield

Titan Heat Shield

What causes concrete to crack, spall, or explode?

It’s the moisture that’s trapped within (inside the concrete structure). That’s right, it’s what you cannot see that poses the danger.

Basically, when your concrete is exposed to high heat, consistently (such as when you have a fire pit going mid-evening), that moisture that’s trapped inside will most likely need a place to go. It can cause the concrete to expand from within, thus either cracking or spalling. Worst-case scenario, explode!

So, what do you put under a fire pit on concrete?

You guessed it; a heat shield that is specifically designed and made to deter and stop high heat from reaching the concrete in your patio it sits on.

Can you put a fire pit on a concrete driveway?

Sure you can, but the same rule applies. You still have to use some sort of heat shield between your fire pit and the concrete.

Can you use a fire pit mat for concrete?

A better question here would be whether you can use a fire pit mat instead of a heat shield. The answer to that (at least my answer to that) would be NO.

What I personally recommend you, if you want to be extremely cautious, is to use both! That’s right. Get both a fire pit mat and a heat shield to protect your concrete slab.


Well, several reasons. How old is your concrete? If it’s brand new and you just had it done last week, this is definitely 100% the way I would go. It would be a shame to end up with even the smallest of discoloration whether accidental or otherwise.

Here are a few recommendations for fire pit mats you can use to protect your concrete. But remember NOT to use these alone. I recommend you also get some sort of heat shield as well.

Fire Pit Mat (48″)

Outdoor Fire Pit Mat (48/30″)

Fireproof Mat (36″)

Can I put my Breeo fire pit directly on a concrete patio?

Nope. The same rule of thumb applies to the Breeo fire pits as well. You must have some sort of heat barrier (i.e. heat shield) between your Breeo fire pit and your concrete patio.

Breeo actually makes their own heat shield called the Breeo Base. It’s actually the one shown in the photo at the very top of this post (this page). But here it is again from a different angle, just in case you missed it.

Personally, I love the way this base looks! I’m a sucker for anything stainless steel-looking.

the breeo fire pit x-series sitting on top of a heat shield called the breeo base

Can you put a fire pit on top of the concrete?

Of course, you can! Provided you are using a heat shield. As we’ve explained, you must have some sort of heat shield between the bottom of your fire pit and the surface it will sit on. In this case, concrete.

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