Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit – A Bargain or Just Fluff?

a small propane fire pit sitting next to a tent in a campground with fire dancing

Choosing a fire pit that is right for your family can be challenging. Finding the right balance between an easily portable fire pit and something that generates a lot of heat can be difficult. Many campsites also prohibit using wood-burning fire pits for health and safety reasons, meaning finding the right propane fuelled pit is essential.

The Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit by Convert-a-Ball is an excellent fire pit for the price. It has a diameter of just 14” (35.6cm) but packs a lot of heat for its size. It looks like a real campfire while meeting the fuel safety requirements of most campsites.

Dimensions14 x 14 x 9 in (35.6 x 35.6 x 22.9cm)
Weight9.8 lbs (4.4 kg)
Fuel TypePropane gas
Price Range$100-200

Pros of the Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit

  • Its small size and light weight make it easily portable and perfect for taking on family holidays. It has a diameter of 14 in (35.6 cm), a height of 9 in (22.9 cm), and weighs just under 10 lbs (4.5 kg). 
  • It connects easily to a small propane tank to create a realistic fire pit experience without having to bring logs and kindling with you.
  • The pack has everything you need to start a fire except the fuel tank. Fire glass, weatherproof cover, long-stem lighter, and fuel hose are all included in the price.
  • With pricing between $100-200, it offers far better value than similar propane fuelled fire pits on Amazon.
  • With good care, this fire pit can last you for a decade.
  • There is no assembly required to start using this product. Just hook it up to your gas tank and go.

Cons of the Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit

  • Its small size means it doesn’t provide as much heat as larger fire pit models.
  • While it provides you with a starter set of fire glass, you will need to replace the glass and the propane fuel tank constantly.
  • It has a much simpler design than other models. 

Who Should Buy the Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit?

This model isn’t for everyone, so it is essential to know what you are looking for from your fire pit before buying it.

This model is designed with form in mind over function, so if you are looking for something to look beautiful on your patio, this may not be for you. This fire pit will be the right fit if you are looking for an easily portable fire pit to keep you warm on camping holidays. 

The Fire Dancer isn’t the warmest fire pit on the market, so it is best suited to the casual camper. You will likely enjoy this model if you enjoy visiting campsites with your family in the summer or sitting in your backyard roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.

If you are heading into more extreme terrain, you may want to look elsewhere. This won’t provide you with a lot of protection against the elements. It is purely to add a bit of comfort and fun to outdoor activities.

Is the Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit Worth the Money?

The Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit is a bargain for several reasons if you’re a casual camper looking for a fire pit that you can use where actual fire is prohibited. Here are some reasons why this fire pit is worth the money. 

It Is an Easy Way To Keep Warm on Camping Trips

For less than $200, you can feel like you have an old-fashioned campfire without having the hassle or safety concerns of starting one. You can easily bring this along and know you won’t have any issues keeping your family warm.

It Is Extremely Powerful for Its Size 

Other models of propane-fuelled fire pits put a lot of effort into creating a realistic and aesthetically pleasing fire pit experience, and you wind up paying for that over functionality. This fire pit doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of the other fire pits, but it functions exactly as you need it to.

It Is Ready To Use From the Box

There is no complicated setup with this fire pit. Just fill it up with fire glass, hook it up to your propane tank, and you’re ready to start using it. The bottom of the pit doesn’t get too warm so you can place it safely on a table or the ground without worry.

Drawbacks of the Fire Dance Propane Fire Pit

It Is Only Suitable for Small Scale Use

The size of the fire pit is great for portability but isn’t great if you have a bigger family who all want to gather around. This fire pit isn’t appropriate if you want to effectively warm up any more than four people at a time. This could be inconvenient if you want to invite guests over to join you or if your family comprises more than four people.

Running the Fire Pit Can Be Expensive

The Fire Dancer hooks up to a 20 lb (9.07 kg) propane gas cylinder, though other sizes can be used with adapters. You can exchange your cylinder for a filled one for around $35. 

You will also have to replace the fire glass in the pit. The Bravex Fire Pit Glass (available on is quite affordable. This can make regular use of the fire pit extremely expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Does the Hose Connect to the Fire Dancer?

The hose runs from the bottom of the pit and out the side of the base. The propane tank can be placed to the side of the Fire Dancer, or the hose can be threaded through a table, and the tank can be placed under the table.

Q: Does It Come With Fire Glass Included?

Yes, the Fire Dance Propane Fire Pit comes with an initial supply of fire glass to use instead of gas logs. You will have to buy your own when the glass needs replacing, but most fire glass is built to last a long time, so you might only need to replace it every five years or so.

Q: Can the Fire Dancer Be Used on Wooden Surfaces?

Yes, the Fire Dancer is equipped to go on wooden surfaces. The fire pit’s base doesn’t get too hot, so it is safe to use wherever you like. You can even use this as a tabletop fire pit because the size is convenient, and the base never gets hot enough to burn anything. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple propane fuelled fire pit for basic personal use, then the Fire Dancer Propane Fire Pit is an excellent choice. While it doesn’t come with the power that the pricier fire pits have, it makes up for it with portability and convenience. It’s perfect if you want an easy-to-use fire pit that gets the job done.

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