Best Tabletop & Mini Fire Pits (For Indoors AND Outdoors!)

an illustration of a tabletop mini fire pit with s'mores on the side

These little things are just so cool, right? Finally, you can bring the outdoor experience inside with these tiny tabletop fire pits. They can bring such an amazing ambiance to any room in the house and I love they are super practical and portable!

Light one of these mini pits up when you’re watching a movie with a loved one, have a few friends over the house, or just bring it out on the deck when you don’t feel like using the larger fire pit! Oh and by the way, these are great if you have a balcony and can’t have a bigger fire pit.

That’s the other beauty… much less of a mess and cleaning up to do!

Top Recommended Tabletop Fire Pits & Mini Fire Pits

Alright, so first let’s get this disclaimer out of the way, shall we!

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Ok, now. Let’s start by checking out the best looking tabletop fire pits (in my opinion)!

Good Looking Tabletop Fire Pits!

Let’s keep thing simple. These tabletop fire pits are great for indoor parties, for a movie night with the kids, or for a quiet date night! You can even have some fun making s’mores marshmallows!

Mini Fire Pits Perfect For S’mores!

Mini Fire Pit For Patios

You can use any of these tabletop fire pits in your patio or deck. It really just depends on what you think will look great and match your patio furniture.

Now, let’s get into some common questions I know you have about these tiny things.

Can You Cook On A Mini Fire Pit?

I wouldn’t get too creative with cooking on a mini fire pit. At most, like mentioned above, you can make some tasty s’mores with the kids or family. Although I guess you could throw a small little grill on top of it with a small steak?… nah, too small.

Where Can I Buy A Small Tabletop Fire Pit?

Since these fire pits are so small, my recommendation is to just buy them online. As shown above, has lots of different tabletop fire pit types and different price ranges you can adjust to fit your budget.

You can also find the Mesa collection by Solo Stove. I think those are awesome and one is on my list to order!

My suggestion is to start with one in a lower price range bracket and see how you like it. How does it feel in the space? Does it fit well with your patio or inside furniture? Do you get any compliments on it?

Those are just a few of the things to think about when buying a small tabletop fire pit.

Safety Measure When Using A Tabletop Or Mini Fire Pit!

Alright, this one’s important guys! Safety first, always.

Although these tiny fire pits are cute and all, they can be a fire hazard if you’re not thinking about where and how you are using them. So here’s a list of safety precautions you need to take;

  1. Do not place any of these on top of plastic! Come on, do I really need to tell you this? I saw a photo online of someone who placed it on top of “plastic” patio furniture and the bottom caught on fire. Remember that a lot of the patio furniture is some kind of plastic. Place it on a glass table prefered or use some kind of ceramic tile underneath. Just be mindful of how hot it’s getting from underneath.
  2. Pay attention and don’t leave the fire by itself! Ok, I’m NOT saying never take your eyes off the mini fire pit, no. Just make sure it’s never left alone. In other words, if you’re the last one to leave… put the fire out! It’s simple with these smaller tabletop pits than putting out an actual wood-burning fire pit.
  3. Don’t trust anyone else but yourself to put it out! Use common sense. As mentioned above, don’t leave the fire by itself. But also, don’t trust anyone else to put it out for you; not your best friend, your mom, and certainly NOT your kids!

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