What’s the best material for a wood burning fire pit, why

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Fire pits can make a fantastic addition to your backyard and provide many hours of entertainment. If you are considering investing in one, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice of fire pit types out there. So, what’s the best material for a wood burning fire pit?

The best material for a wood burning fire pit is cast iron. It’s durable, cost-effective, and comes in beautiful colors and design variations. The colors can fade, but you can always repaint the fire pit. Other durable materials for fire pits include copper, steel, and stone. 

Every fire pit material has its pros and cons. To help you make an informed decision, this article will explain the various materials used for fire pits and why they are suitable.

What Materials Make the Most Durable Fire Pits?

Before you buy a fire pit, you should consider several factors, including durability. 

A durable fire pit is more likely to retain its shape, last longer, and keep its original appearance. Using certain materials, your fire pit can be multi-purpose so that you can use it for cooking. 

Let’s take a look at which materials make the most durable fire pits:

Cast Iron 

Cast iron is perhaps one of the most popular choices for wood-burning fire pits. It is corrosion-resistant, making it highly durable. Although the paint may come off after a few years, you can always re-apply the coating to restore your fire pit to its original glory. 

close up of a cast iron fire pit well built

One of the major reasons for cast iron’s popularity is its ability to conduct heat. Being a good heat conductor allows the room or the area around the fire pit to warm up quickly. This also means that the fire pit will remain warm for a while, even after you’ve put out the fire. 

The weight of cast iron fire pits is another aspect in its favor. Cast iron is heavy, so your fire pit will be able to withstand strong winds and breezy conditions. 

However, the weight can be a con, too, because it isn’t easy to move around larger cast iron fire pits, restricting their portability.


Steel is also another popular material for fire pits. It can withstand inclement weather, such as rain, heat, and even moderate winds. Steel fire pits are lightweight and relatively inexpensive. They are also durable, and you don’t have to do too much to maintain them aside from a regular clean. 

As for the aesthetic appeal, steel fire pits may not be the number one choice. However, the fact that they are excellent heat conductors makes up for the lack of visual appeal. As with cast iron, a steel fire pit’s surface will remain hot for a while after extinguishing the fire, and you should, therefore, exercise caution when handling it.

Adding a powder coating to a steel fire pit can prevent corrosion and make it even more durable. 


Copper fire pits are also known for their durability. Due to its high melting point, a copper fire pit is ideal for burning wood. Copper is also resistant to corrosion and can be left outside permanently as it’s highly weather resistant. 

A key benefit of copper fire pits is their light weight and portability. This makes them great for smaller models that you can move around. 

Of course, copper fire pits are incredibly beautiful and come in a wide range of beautiful designs and finishes. Many copper fire pits are hand-finished, adding to their unique appeal. They can add a timeless vintage look to your outdoor space and will definitely make a striking focal point in your backyard. 


Stone is another excellent option if you want a fire pit that will last. However, it may not be ideal for indoor fire pits unless you buy a portable one. A stone fire pit typically has a metal frame to give it stability. 

Stone pits are easy to maintain and can tolerate all types of weather. 

With their slightly rustic appearance, stone fire pits can add an element of coziness to your outdoor space. They are also multi-purpose, as you can use them for warmth, cooking, and even building bonfires on cold winter nights. 

Stone fire pits aren’t typically that expensive, and you could even build one yourself if you are on a budget. 

When choosing a stone fire pit, you can select a model with natural stones or use faux stones, which usually have an attractive veneer.

Can You Use Other Materials for Wood-Burning Fire Pits?

Not every material is suitable for wood burning. You can use some materials, such as aluminum and concrete, for burning gas or other fuel types, but they aren’t suitable for wood burning fire pits. 

The reason you shouldn’t use concrete for wood burning fire pits is simple. Wood burns at a higher temperature compared to gas and other fuels. The higher temperatures can crack concrete, which can be harmful, especially if you have a pot of something hot on top of it. 

Is Clay a Good Material for Wood-Burning Fire Pit?

Clay is an excellent material for wood-burning fire pits. Clay fire pits are inexpensive, and you can even make them yourself. However, you should ensure that the fire pit is made from clay that can withstand high temperatures. 

Clay fire pits can add an elegant and charming look to your backyard, but they are heavy and difficult to move around. 

I didn’t list it among the best materials for wood-burning fire pits because it is not as durable as cast iron. Clay doesn’t heat up quickly, so it may not give you the warmth you need. You may have to heat well in advance before using your fire pit.  


There are various materials you can use for wood burning fire pits. Despite its weight, cast iron may be one of the best options

Other materials, such as copper and steel, also have their benefits. As for durability, all three are excellent options. 

Remember that there are other popular materials for fire pits, but you must always make sure that the material is suitable for wood-burning. Otherwise, the fire pit won’t last long and may be a hazard to your safety.

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