Best Gloves for Fire Pits (Extreme Heat Resistant & Safe)

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Safety gloves are essential if you work with fire pits or fireplaces. The best gloves for fire pits are the ones that are heat-resistant and durable. So, how do you choose suitable gloves with so many products on the market?

The best gloves for fire pits are the Wells Lamont Terry Cloth Gloves. They give extra protection and comfort because of their virgin wool lining. With their self-extinguishing feature, the Wells Lamont is extremely heat-resistant. They are also suitable for people with large hands. 

This article reviews the four best gloves, including the Wells Lamont.

Best Overall: Wells Lamont Terry Cloth Gloves

The Wells Lamont Jomac gloves are at the top of our list because of their extra protection and heat-resistant features. The gloves’ inner virgin wool lining adds an extra layer of protection and makes them comfortable to wear. 

The gloves also have a gauntlet cuff that protects your forearm and wrist from flames. Their extra-large size is suitable for people with large hands.


  • Extremely heat-resistant: The gloves are heat-resistant up to 700° Fahrenheit (371° Celsius). The heat threshold makes these gloves safe for firepits, fireplaces, and welding. 
  • Added protection: The gloves have many features that give them added protection. One of these features is the outer shell of 100% Kevlar. This layer of synthetic fiber acts as insulation against heat.
  • Arm protection: The gauntlet cuff is about five inches(12.7 cm) and protects your forearms and wrists from flames, electricity, and heat. The cuff’s open design makes removing gloves easier in an emergency, making these excellent fireproof gloves for fire pits. 


  • Too Large: The Wells Lamont Jomac gloves are extra-large, which is a good fit for larger hands. But the gloves may be too loose for smaller-to-medium-sized hands. Women may find them too large for their hands. 
  • No customer reviews: Even though the gloves have a high rating on Amazon, you may find no detailed customer reviews. So, you can see the features, but you won’t find any pros and cons on their Amazon page. 
  • Not the most heat-resistant: The Wells Lamont gloves are highly heat-resistant. But they aren’t the most heat-resistant gloves on the market. Some competitors, fireproof gloves for fire pits, can withstand heat up to 932° Fahrenheit (500° Celsius). 

Most Heat-Resistant: RAPICCA BBQ Gloves  

The RAPICCA BBQ Grill Gloves are among the most heat-resistant gloves on the market. They are ideal for working on the BBQ grill and fryers as their extra large size can protect your arms and wrists from flames and heat. They are heat-resistant up to 932° Fahrenheit (500° Celsius).

Unlike rubber gloves, the RAPICCA BBQ gloves give you a firm grip. So, you can easily handle grilling items and carry cookware and utensils. 


  • Easy to clean: The gloves have a cotton lining and a waterproof exterior, making them easy to clean. You can wash both the exterior and the cotton lining with soap. The gloves also have fabric loops, so you can hang them for drying. 
  • Excellent grip: The gloves use neoprene rubber for extra grip. The inside palms also have insulation that makes them non-slip. The gloves’ five-finger design gives you better dexterity to hold hot pots and utensils without trouble.
  • Comfortable: The cotton lining of the gloves makes them comfortable to wear. Their large size gives you more space to move your hand freely. The palm’s interior texture also improves the grip and allows better maneuverability, making it comfortable to work the grill. 


  • They may get hot: RAPPICA BBQ gloves protect you, but you may feel the heat after prolonged use. Some Amazon reviews say you may not feel the heat immediately, but the gloves get warm.
  • The neoprene comes off: With continued usage, the neoprene rubber may come off, becoming a sticky residue on the gloves’ exterior. So, the gloves’ outer look may deteriorate over time.
  • They may smell: Amazon reviews say the gloves have a strong chemical smell. They may be more useful outdoors than indoors. The smell may be stronger in newer gloves and likely to fade away with continuous use.

Most Flexible: KIM YUAN Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves 

The leather gloves are 100% split cow and comfortable to wear. They are soft and flexible, offering better movement. 

Kim Yuan gloves can withstand heat up to 662° Fahrenheit (350° Celsius). You can use them for ovens, firepits, burning coal, handling cookware, and welding.


  • Sweatproof:  The gloves have an inner cotton lining, and the cuffs are denim. Both fabrics make the gloves sweatproof, making it easier to work with heat. These gloves are comfortable because you don’t get sweaty hands and arms. 
  • Durable: Kim Yuan gloves may not be the thickest in town, but their durability makes them a good buy. The Kevlar thread makes them heat resistant. The gloves are cut, punctured, and oil-resistant, reducing the risk of damage.  
  • Reinforced palm: A reinforced palm adds to the durability and safety of these gloves. The extra cushion on the inside makes it safer to work with sharper and heavier objects. You can also grip hot pots, portable ovens, and firepits. 


  • Low heat threshold: These gloves have lower heat resistance than some competitors. The leather’s thickness of 1 mm – 1.2 mm (0.04-0.047 in) isn’t enough. So, you may not be able to hold hot objects for longer. 
  • Too large: Women may find the gloves a poor fit. Even men with average hand size may find them too large. So, the gloves may not be safe for holding hot objects if your hands don’t fit. 

Best Fit: Comsmart BBQ Gloves 

Comsmart BBQ gloves are made of polyester and silicon, making them easy to use. They are heat-resistant up to 1472° Fahrenheit (800° Celsius)

The silicone makes the gloves non-slip and flexible, improving dexterity. The inner cotton lining makes them comfortable and a softer fit. 


  • A good fit: The manufacturers of the gloves took customer feedback seriously and improved the gloves’ size. The newer models are a good fit for most users. The palm is eight inches (20.3 cm) long, protecting your entire palm. The wrist guard is also longer — 5.7 inches (14.5 cm), extending the protection to your forearms. The cuff size also makes them easy to wear and remove. 
  • Easy to clean: You can wash the gloves with your hands or put them in a washing machine. The fabric loop makes it easier to hang them on any hook for drying. The loop is on the inside, so it won’t bother you while working. 
  • Multi-purpose: You can use these gloves for grilling or as oven mitts. They are extremely heat resistant, allowing you to hold hot pots, portable ovens, or work with firepits. 


  • May feel tight: The gloves have a snug fit, so you may find them a little hard to wear. But they become more flexible with time due to their stretchy fabric. Your hands may feel hot after a while as the inside of the gloves packs a bit of heat. 
  • Not too durable: The Comsmart BBQ gloves may show wear and tear sooner than you like. According to Amazon reviews, you may have to use duct tape around the fingers to hold them tighter. 

Final Thoughts

Heat-resistant gloves are essential if you work with fire pits, fireplaces, ovens, etc. These gloves make it easier to hold hotter objects, protecting you from flames and burns. But don’t rely on the claims. Most manufacturers claim high heat thresholds, but the gloves may feel warm, allowing heat penetration. You may only be able to use your fireproof gloves for fire pits for a short time. Even though they offer protection, you must use them with caution. 

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