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Gas fire pits are easy to handle and don’t require high maintenance. They can also add aesthetics to your small patio if you choose the right one. So, which is the best gas fire pit for a small patio? 

The best gas fire pit for a small patio is Outland Living Propane Fire Pit. It is a small, no-mess, and smokeless fire pit. It is easy to carry and needs very little assembly time. This CSA-approved Mega fire pit isn’t too expensive and has durability. 

This article lists the four best propane fire pits for a small patio. Let’s see their details along with the pros and cons.

Best Overall: Outland Living Firebowl 883 Mega Propane Fire Pit

The Mega fire pit is the best propane fire pit for patios. The smokeless firepit makes no mess with dirty ash or doesn’t need any firewood

It’s lightweight and easy to assemble so that you can take it with you for camping, beach parties, or outdoor bonfires, or outdoor fire pits. Aesthetically, the fire pit adds to your outdoor décor. It’s black with an excellent enamel finish. 


  • CSA-approved: CSA approval means the Mega fire pit is safe to use. So, you can use it in most camping sites or areas with campfire bans. But it is advisable to check the fire restrictions in your area before using. 
  • Durable: The Mega fire pit is small, portable, and lightweight but still very durable. It uses top-quality steel and a layer of protective enamel and powder coating, making it long-lasting and weather-resistant. 
  • No assembly needed: You can set up the fire pit in minutes without any tools. It has a pre-attached adjustable regulator and a valve knob for adjusting the flame height. The fire pit also makes no mess, so you won’t have to clean up after assembly or usage.  


  • A confusing price tag: The price tag is different on many websites. According to Amazon reviews, the page keeps changing the price. So, you should buy the fire pit as soon as you see a reasonable price.
  • Too small for a big group: According to reviews, the flame may not be as big as advertised – too small for a bigger group. The fire pit is suitable for a small group, but you may have to sit close to feel the warmth. 
  • No cooktop: The fire pit doesn’t have any cooktop for outdoor grilling or cooking, limiting its uses. You may have to buy the cooktop separately, which can add to the initial cost of the fire pit.

Best Look: Thermomate Wicker & Rattan Square Fire Pit Table

The square table fire pit by Thermomate made it to our best propane fire pit list for its aesthetics and practicality. The propane fire pit has an electronic ignition, giving a warm flame immediately. Its smooth edges make you safe from scratches. 

The Thermomate fire pit has CSA approval, making it safe for use in areas with fire bans. However, you must check with your local authorities before using it.


  • Use it as a table: The fire pit’s practical design allows you to use it as a small table. With the flame burning low in the center, you can place your mugs or bowls on its side panels. But be careful before you pick your mug up. It can get too warm. 
  • Weather-resistant: The fire pit is weather-resistant, so you can place it outdoors, even during the rainy season. The tabletop’s material is metal, making the fire pit strong and durable. The sturdy steel frame and the woven wicker sides make the fire pit stable and tough. 
  • Easy set up: Although you may need about 30 minutes for assembly, the fire pit isn’t difficult to set up. You can easily install the propane tank to the fire pit’s base. The fire pit has an instruction manual, so you won’t have trouble putting it together. 


  • Dangerous lava rocks: According to Amazon reviews, the lava rocks that come with the table may explode, making the fire pit risky. The explosion may damage the fire glass. The manufacturers are likely to give you a refund for the fire glass, but the risk is there. 
  • Minor defects: Some users have reported small fire pit defects. One of the defects is the mangled wire of the pit’s ignitor. But, the company’s responsive customer service may help you find a solution. 

Most Portable: Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

The Heininger gas fire pit is lightweight and portable and is the second best propane fire pit for patios and camping trips. You can set it up quickly without any tools, and the fire pit burns cleanly and is smokeless

The Heininger fire pit is CSA-approved. So, you can use it even if your area has a campfire ban. But you must always consult your local authorities to check the laws about local fire restrictions before using any fire pit. 


  • Easy setup: You can set up the fire pit in no time. You don’t need tools or detailed instructions to turn on the flame. The Chrome valve knob and the regulator make it easier to adjust the flame height. 
  • Easy to carry: The fire pit is relatively small and lightweight. You can easily take it with you on your travels. You can even store it in the trunk of a small car. Despite the size, the fire pit has a warm flame. The stand is stable, and you can double it up into a handle, making it easier to move. 
  • The base ring stays cool:  Even though it is of metal, it doesn’t heat up. So, you can place the fire pit on a wooden floor or in a garden without damaging the surface underneath. 


  • Propane tank not included: The fire pit doesn’t include a propane tank. So, you must buy the tank separately, adding to the initial cost of the fire pit. You can buy a 20-lb tank, which may cost around $14 to $20.  
  • The gas burns quickly: The propane gas may burn quickly if you keep the flame higher. To get more out of a single tank, you must keep the flame low, but that may compromise the flame’s heat. 

Most Stylish: Bali Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Bali Outdoor fire pit looks antique and stylish. The control panel is out of sight, so it doesn’t affect the outlook of the fire pit, adding to the aesthetics of your patio. The fire pit is portable and affordable. 


  • Multipurpose: The fire pit’s vintage look makes it multipurpose. You can use it as a dining table, a small coffee table, a mini juice bar, a book stand, etc. when it’s not burning. You can put your glasses and mugs on the side panel even when the lid is off, and the flame is burning low.  
  • Easy to clean: This fire pit is easy to clean. It only needs soap, water, and a washcloth to clean the exterior. You can spray the fire pit’s body with a protectant that won’t let the dust stick. 


  • No lid: You must buy the tabletop lid as an accessory. This extra purchase can make your initial cost higher. 
  • Not too weather-resistant: The steel may rust if you leave it outside without protection. So, you may have to carry the fire pit indoors during the rainy season.   
  • Time-consuming assembly: The instruction manual could be more helpful. You may have to spend time figuring out how to screw everything together. The fire pit table is challenging to set up if you don’t know the basics. 

Final Thoughts

A fire pit on a patio is an excellent idea. But you must research well for the best gas fire pit before you purchase one for your small patio. Even though companies make big promises, not all gas fire pits may live up to your expectations. 

You must check user reviews to confirm the size, flame height, what comes with the initial purchase and what needs to be purchased as an accessory, and safety features. Also, check the reviews to understand the fire pit’s durability before deciding.

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