Best Furniture for Around a Fire Pit (Impress Friends & Fam)

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With many options out there, choosing the best furniture for a fire pit can be tricky. Apart from personal style, you want a sturdy, comfortable, and durable product. Portability is another factor to consider if you’re looking for pieces you can carry to the campsite.

The best furniture for a fire pit is the Christopher Knight Cape Coral Set. You get a 7-piece package that includes a loveseat and propane fire table. The pieces are built with strong materials and feature a modern design.

The rest of this article discusses the best furniture for outdoor fire pit sitting. I’ll explore the pros and cons of each option for you to determine the perfect fit for your needs.

Best Overall: Christopher Knight Cape Coral Outdoor Set

If you’re looking to host a large group, this fire pit furniture set is for you. The package includes 4 pieces of seats, a 3-seater loveseat, a propane fire table, and a holding tank.

The seat frames are made of aluminum. The cushions are made of water-resistant fabric, making them suitable for outdoor environments. Built with magnesium oxide, the fire table can last many years.


  • Uniform furniture: This package gives a complete, matching fire pit seating set. This makes it an excellent option if you’re looking for uniform furniture at the fire gathering.
  • Modern, comfortable seats: This set offers a modern design for fire pit furniture. The seats are also comfortable, thanks to the heavy-duty cushions.
  • Water-resistant materials: Outdoor furniture is subject to various weather elements. These seats are made of water-resistant materials.


  • High price tag: This is the most expensive fire pit furniture on this list. The high price tag may make this set inaccessible to many people who want it.
  • Requires assembly: You can’t put this set into use immediately after your package arrives. Some pieces require on-site assembly, which can be a time-consuming task, though worthwhile. 

Most Powerful: Serwall Adirondack Chair for Patio Garden Outdoors Fire Pit

This Adirondack chair from Serwall is one of the best fire pit seating furniture options to consider. This chair comes with many exciting features.

The chair is several inches wider than the average chair. Moreover, its high and slanted seating surface enhances comfort.

This heavy-duty fire pit chair can support up to 380 pounds (172.36 kg) of human weight. Made of high-performance plastic called poly lumber, the Serwall Adirondack chair feels like wood but is more durable.

The chair is foldable, so you can easily move it around the fireplace or transport it to different locations.

The Serwall Adirondack-style chair is available in multiple colors, including:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White


  • Multiple color options: If you want to style your fire pit setting with a variety of colors, Serwall Adirondack chairs are suitable for you.
  • Foldable: The chair folds up, making it easy to carry around. The folding feature also means the furniture takes up little storage space, so you can store many chairs in a small area.
  • Strong: This Adirondack chair is sturdy. As a result, this is a stable and durable chair for outdoor sitting.
  • Can bear heavy loads: This is one of the heavy-duty fire pit seats on this list. Since this chair can handle weights of up to 380 pounds (172.36 kg), it takes away the anxiety of failure if you’re hosting heavy-body guests.


  • Extended sitting may be uncomfortable: Although this chair is strong and comfortable, you may feel uneasy after sitting on it for a long period. Therefore, this one is ideal for short sittings.

Best Portable Option: GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker

This chair is ideal for backyard and camping sitting around a fire pit. It’s made of a steel frame and a fabric seat. The padded armrests add to the comfort. A pocket on the front frame provides a place for guests to hold their beverage containers.

As the name implies, this chair has a spring-powered rocking system. As a result, you can rock gently while enjoying the fire.

This chair can be folded into a flat piece, making it easy to stow away after a fire session or transport to a campsite. The chair weighs 12 pounds (5.44 kg) and can support weights of up to 250 pounds (113.4 kg).


  • Easy to transport: The chair is lightweight and foldable, making it easy to transport or stow away for later use.
  • Rock as you enjoy the fire: This product allows you to rock slowly in your position as you enjoy the fire’s warmth.
  • Keep your drink close and secure: You can slip your bottle or glass into the holding pocket on the chair’s front to keep it secure and close at hand.


  • Difficult for seniors: Tall and older parents may struggle to use this chair comfortably. They may struggle to get out of their seat or rock in it.

Best for Extras: Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box

Made of wood and plastic, this bench is an excellent addition to outdoor fire pit seating. The bench is available in various colors, including:

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Beige

You can make this bench more comfortable with cushions and pillows.

In addition to providing a seating surface, this fire pit furniture comes with a storage box as an extra feature. Therefore, it can save you the cost of purchasing an extra storage unit for your fire pit accessories.


  • Can seat several people: This bench is large enough to comfortably seat two to three people.
  • Large storage space: The most outstanding feature of this fireside furniture is that it offers storage space and a sitting surface.


  • Manufacturing flash: This bench may have excessive plastic forms on the surfaces. As a result, tidying up the furniture can consume your precious time.

Best Eco-Friendly Option: Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair

This is one to consider if you’re looking for rustic fire pit furniture. This chair is made of cedar wood and is highly resistant to degradation by insect and weather elements.

This is an eco-friendly chair considering that it’s made of wood waste from the log home-building industry. Although the chair is shipped unassembled, it comes with a setup guide.


  • Eco-friendly furniture: This product is made of wood, a renewable and biodegradable material. Moreover, its manufacturing supports the recycling of wood waste.
  • Durable: Since this chair is made of white cedar wood resistant to degrading factors caused by the weather and insects, it can last a long time.


  • Requires on-site assembly: This product ships in wood pieces and screws that should be assembled on-site. Although the assembly process is simple, it will take your time.

Best for Family Gathering: Castlecreek Curved Fire Pit Bench

This piece of furniture can give your fire pit setting a simple yet beautiful look. It has a classic design and rustic finish. Made of fir wood, this bench can withstand many weather-degrading elements. Moreover, it’s insect resistant.

If you have eight of these benches, you can form a complete circle around your fire pit for a family or large gathering.

You can stain this bench to match your other fire pit furniture. If you leave it unstained, it will turn silver-gray as it ages, which is still a beautiful appearance.


  • Family size: A unit can seat up to three people comfortably. The bench can handle up to 300 pounds (136.08 kg) in weight.
  • Curved design around the fire pit: This bench is an excellent piece of furniture if you want to build a complete cycle of sitting arrangement around the fire. 
  • Resists weather and insect damage: This bench is resistant to the damaging effects of insects and weather elements. As a result, it can last a long time.


  • Ships unassembled: This piece of fire pit furniture shipped unassembled. If you can’t assemble it yourself, you can call for expert assembly at a fee.

Best Value for Money: Giantex Set of 4 Patio Chairs

This may be your best option if you’re on a budget but looking for several fire pit seats. These chairs are available in 4-pack and 2-pack options.

The Giantex Set of 4 Patio Chairs features a steel frame with stretchable fabric material on the seat and the back. The chairs can handle weights of up to 250 pounds (113.4 kg).


  • Foldable for easy carrying: The foldable design means the chairs can be compact for easy transport and storage.
  • Cool seat surface: The fabric material on the seat and the back allow air circulation and ensures that the chairs don’t heat up and make you uncomfortable.


  • Unnecessary folding: The chairs can fold unnecessarily when you try to move them or adjust your position. You may find the uncalled folding annoying.


Choosing the furniture for sitting around a fire pit requires a careful selection. The best furniture for a fire pit should be comfortable, strong, and match your style. You can select individual pieces of a set that can accommodate a large group.

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