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Hey there, Pat here. Thanks for your interest in learning more about who we are. First, as you can see, we’re still getting things up and running around here. Please bear with us while we gather great information and put together some awesome content for you!

I’m what they call the “Chief Editor” around here, lol, and our goal is to help answer your questions about outdoor fire pits as best as we can. We love the outdoors and spending quality time in front of a great fire pit, and we hope you do too!

There’s nothing like it, right?

We also spend a lot of time talking to others in the community who either have an outdoor fire pit on their patio or front porch and who may have cool insights. Which we can then share with you guys through this website.

We do in fact have experience with a few products, and we’ll definitely share some of that with you guys too. We also love to research, explore new ideas and fire pit concepts, and display information for our readers that is easy to understand, practical, and fun to read.

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